“Lycaste, Ida, Anguloa, Essential Guide” 

A book called “Lycaste, Ida, Anguloa, Essential Guide” is published.  The author is Dr Henry Oakeley.


1) these three genera are too big for me to keep and

2) I only have a Lycaste aromatica (though it was given by the author) and

3) it is written in English,

I first thought I don’t need this book. However, I found it with lots of nice photographs, both orchids and Peru, I changed my mind and obtained it. This book includes all species of these three genera.

A page with Lycaste aromatica
With a lot of shot of Peru (Machu Picchu for instance)


With Mr Arias of PeruFlora

It costs £50. It is quite reasonable as this contains loads of photographs. It weighs 3kg. You can order the book from the website above, but if you would like one, you could write to me as well.

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