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Trip to Peru, the 11th day No.7

Today, on the way back to Lima, we went into the restaurant at an elevation of 4125m again in order to have late breakfast. Whilst shopping there after breakfast, we could occasionally see people being on their way to the fiesta!

My eyes met theirs and they made a very very big bow from the waist to me.  I raised my camera to ask if it was OK to take a photograph of them.   Their answer was yes, so I flied out and took this picture.  Thank you!

Trip to Peru, the 11th day No.1


And on the following day.  This is the day to go back from Paucartambo to Lima all way through.  The original plan was that Cesar would drive us to La Oroya and then somebody else would drive back to Lima.  However, Cesar decided to drive us through to Lima, which was great, as he was a nice company and he drives quite carefully. 

We didn’t eat breakfast in Paucartambo and departed.


A bird of prey we saw on the way back.  The shutter speed was excellent however, it was a bit out of focus unfortunately.