Trip to Peru, the 9th day No.14

Masdevallia eumelia

This is Masdevallia eumelia, which was named after Manolo’s Mother, Eumelia. 

The newly discovered orchids are named after the person who had found it, or the person whom he/she loves, or the person whom he/she respects and so on.  I saw the orchids which were named after Manolo, or his brother, or his Mother, or his Father, or their surname, or Saul, the guide.

Saul said to me, “We might find new species, really”, and I dreamt of new species, Masdevallia mayumii.  Unfortunately we didn’t find one.

3 thoughts on “Trip to Peru, the 9th day No.14

  1. Was this species found growing on the ground? Was in soil or rock? I realize it’s been a few years since this photo, but do you happen to recall?

  2. I think this was on the ground. Terrestrial. But indeed, my memory is going. I wish I could visit the area again.

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